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Sheriff MackI've been in law enforcement all my life. You could even say I was born into it as the son of an FBI agent. I began my own career after graduating BYU in 1978, became a police officer in Provo, Utah, where I would eventually become a detective. After a colorful decade in Utah, I moved back to my home state of Arizona to run for Graham County Sheriff, where I was elected in 1988.

During my tenure as Sheriff, President Bill Clinton signed into law the Brady Bill, the gun control scheme which requires local background checks before purchasing a firearm.  I challenged the bill, and took it all the way up to the Supreme Court, arguing that the Federal Government had no authority over local goverment under the 10th Amendment. I ended up being the first sheriff in history to sue the federal government and win--under the Clinton Administration, no less!

Since the ruling, I've dedicated much of my life to conservative activisim, especially for gun rights. I'm a faithful, longtime member and leader of the NRA, I founded the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers (CSPOA), and I've fought for civil rights across the nation.

Arming the teachers is the most important endeavor I've ever fought for. As it stands, teachers are forbidden from carrying a gun on school premises, which makes it nearly impossible for them to defend themselves or their students in the face of danger. By the time it takes the police to arrive on the scene, dozens of children could already be dead or seriously wounded.  When seconds count, help is only minutes way. Affording teachers the opportunity to concealed carry in school would not only protect the children and staff inside, but also make it less likely that the school would be targeted in the first place. Giving them an actual fighting chance is better than cowering helplessly in the corner.

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