There are approximately 750,000 full time and part time police officers in our country of 320 million people.  It is a tremendous responsibility to be a first-responder and no group recognizes that like our group, Neighborhood Alliance.  

Police officers risk their lives every day.  Their next call could be their last call.  These amazing heroes stand strong to protect our loved ones and our property and we not only respect them, we admire them.  Our Neighborhood Alliance is their #1 advocate and our political action committee seeks out pro-police candidates who enjoy our tangible support and we oppose anti-police candidates who have earned our scorn.  

You see it on TV all the time.  Our police officers are under siege from the liberal left who has things backwards.  They demonize the police and lionize the criminal.  They say that criminals are the victims and police officers are the bad guys.  The ultimate protectors of the people, the ones who run to danger when everyone else is running away, are viciously attacked and that is wrong, in fact, it’s the ultimate wrong.

Neighborhood Alliance stands strong and steps forward to advocate for first responders.  We seek out candidates who support our pro-police candidates for office, many of whom come from the ranks of the police department or the military or both.  

These amazing patriots deserve our thanks, our prayers and our strong support.
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