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Why #ArmTheTeachers?

When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

In the time it takes to call 911 and dispatch the police, people will die at the mercy of their aggressor with no ability to properly defend themselves.

Once upon a time, it was commonplace for students to have hunting rifles in the back of their trucks. Amazingly, school shootings were unheard of.  Nowadays, "gun-free zones" have painted a target on the backs of children in schools since their implementation, and mass shootings feel like a daily occurrence.

Instead of cowering in a corner like sitting ducks waiting for help, wouldn't it make more sense to allow teachers and staff to protect themselves immediately? That's the goal of the #ArmTheTeachers initiative.

The Left disagrees, and advocates for even tighter restrictions for gun ownership, as if criminals have ever cared about the law.

Help us keep our children safe by #ArmingTheTeachers.

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Elite politicians only offer voters two choices; Big Government, and Bigger Government. America needs another choice: true limited government.

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Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, tapped by the Biden transition team to be deputy chief of staff in a new administration, has expressed her full support for not only banning commonly-owned firearms, but confiscating them from legal gun owners as well.
Philadelphia lawyer Linda Kerns, who is serving as one of President Trump’s campaign lawyers in Pennsylvania, was placed under official protection after she received threats. It is yet another example of leftists targeting law firms and attorneys representing the Trump campaign in their challenges to the presidential election.
“Anarchy will reign and I don’t expect any compliance amongst citizens,” said Brian Rafn, a recently retired gun industry analyst from Morgan Dempsey whose family owns shares in Sturm, Ruger. He estimated the “civilian gun arsenal” to be 585 million in guns in private ownership, which he referred to as “a Red State and rural/suburban reality.”
I won’t say that everyone expects post-election violence, but most people seem to. After all, in 2020, violence seems to be the norm. At least, it’s the norm when we’re not all hunkered down in our homes because of a pandemic or something.
[T]he idea that the AR-15s is a “weapon of war,” or that it is especially dangerous to society, doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny. An AR-15 ban is merely part of the incremental effort to abolish private firearm ownership. Yes, it’s all Democrats support now. But that’s only because it’s all…they can currently get away with. They know that once you can prohibit an AR-15, a rifle with a semi-automatic mechanism, you can ban any gun with a semi-automatic mechanism, which is to say the majority of firearms in the United States.
According to the latest estimates from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, more than seven million Americans have become first-time gun buyers in 2020, a staggeringly high number in a year already full of shattered records for firearm sales. The NICS data for October, released on Monday, suggests that another 1.77-million firearms were sold at retail in October, which is yet another monthly sales record, and for the year-to-date, it’s estimated that there have been more than 17-million guns sold this year, far higher than the 13.2-million firearms sold in all of 2019.
Twitter has suspended U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan for a post in which he touted the benefits of the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a new report.
Riots in Philadelphia over the shooting of a mentally ill black man by white police officers escalated last night as thousands of people took part in looting dozens of stores. Shots rang out in several locations, as one bystander claimed “Looters were shooting looters.”
Tensions are sky-high heading into the 2020 election, and those combustible forces will be inflamed once the winner of the presidential race is officially announced.