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#ArmTheTeachers is a steadily growing movement dedicated to protecting children and staff from school shootings, but it's not without stiff opposition. 

The Left has been working tirelessly to restrict or outright ban the ownership of firearms, under the guise of safety. We at Neighborhood Alliance PAC are working tirelessly to do the opposite.

As of now, 9 states have started allowing teachers to bring their concealed weapon to school, a vast improvement to "gun-free zones", but children all over the nation still have bright red targets painted on their back where carrying is still not permitted.

The traction we've gained shows that We the People desire a more effective strategy when it comes to defending ourselves, but we need all the support we can get in order to turn our local efforts into a national success.
Please consider making a donation to Neighborhood Alliance PAC to further our efforts to #DefendPolice. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

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