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Poll: Trump ‘Sides With Cops’ While Dems ‘Line Up With Protesters’
A new Rasmussen survey released Friday shows most votes believe President Donald Trump sides with law enforcement while Democratic leaders “line up with the protesters.” The poll, taken Aug. 5, follows an earlier survey that revealed a majority likely voters think mob violence that has continued in some cities for weeks, such as Portland, Ore., is caused mostly by criminals taking advantage of protests against the police.
America Needs a Resurgent National Rifle Association
New Zealand and Australia like to brag about their purported success with gun control — essentially all guns in Australia, and the banning of military-style semiautomatic firearms in New Zealand. Their self-congratulatory pronouncements are more imaginary than real. Gun buy-back programs have not been a total success and violent crime persists in Australia, as it does in Great Britain and threatens to do in New Zealand.
NJ Karen Freaks Over Grown-Ups With “Finger Guns”
"I was disheartened, then aggravated, after seeing the above photo published in Morris Township’s August 2020 Municipal Messenger." That’s how Heidi Raas started her opinion piece in the Morristown Green.
Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying in a Pandemic
We can all probably agree the last few months have been interesting, to say the least. Whether its constant mask requirements or the pockets of civil unrest. Between everything going on, it makes 2020 a year like no other and with all the instability comes a new wave of people carrying a concealed firearm. I have gotten a ton of questions about various topics from carrying in civil unrest to the rules on carrying with a mask. There are a ton of questions and I don’t have the answers for all of them, but there are a few great things to consider when looking at carrying in a pandemic.
After 2018's mass shooting, Santa Fe school officials will let some employees carry firearms at all times
District officials announced their plans Friday to implement Texas’ so-called Guardian Plan, which lets local school boards authorize specific employees to carry on campus at all times and determine their training standards.
Potential Biden VP Lets Real Anti-Gun Agenda Slip
The debate over firearms and gun rights isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future. While there are more gun owners today and there are reasons to believe that many are going to poke holes in the anti-gun narrative, the truth is that the gun control crowd isn’t going anywhere.
Son shoots and kills home invasion suspect who terrorized family in SW Houston: Police
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A son shot and killed one of the home invasion suspects who terrorized his family in southwest Houston overnight, police say.
Video: Man draws gun to ward off attackers near Mag Mile
Video emerged today of an armed man pulling his weapon to ward off two apparent attackers near the Magnificent Mile, just two days after widespread mob action prompted police to arrest 21 people in the area.
MY VIEW: Teacher, former sheriff thinks school personnel should be armed
Richard Mack is a former Sheriff in Graham County, Arizona, who is now a teacher. He is someone I would love to sit with and interview.
Texas Senate passes bill allowing school marshals to carry, not lock up, their guns
After a brief debate, the Texas Senate approved a bill Wednesday that would allow local school boards to let their marshals carry their concealed guns on campuses.
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