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Advocates for Defunding Police Drop Millions to Boost Dem Senate Candidates
A progressive group that advocates for defunding the police is dropping millions of dollars into three competitive Senate races to boost Democrats with less than four weeks to go until the elections.
Video shows Pennsylvania motorist running over police cruiser
Video footage shows a Pennsylvania motorist running over the hood of a police cruiser in an attempt to elude officers.
Portland police arrest man who allegedly shattered patrol car window and pepper-sprayed officer inside
Portland police arrested a man on Sunday after he allegedly shattered the window of a police cruiser and pepper-sprayed the vehicle's interior before getting into a vehicle and driving away.
Antifa militants gang up on woman of color, drag her to ground by her hair, try yanking American flag from her — but she doesn't let go
Antifa militants reportedly were caught on video Sunday ganging up on a woman of color and dragging her to a Portland, Oregon, sidewalk by her hair in an attempt to yank an American flag from her.
Where does Judge Amy Coney Barrett stand on the Second Amendment?
While the rash of coronavirus cases in the White House may have upended election events and halted stymied political processes all around, it's not slowing the push to confirm President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, with the Senate Judiciary Committee set to begin the formal confirmation hearings on Monday.
Democrats Really Do Want to Take Your Guns and Now They’re Happy to Tell You That
The first item on Joe Biden’s list of anti-gun proposals is the repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. If he’s elected and Democrats re-take control of the Senate, that could price guns out of the reach of many Americans and threaten the existence of many gun manufacturers.
Watch this punk rioter in downtown Los Angeles run away after challenging the LAPD
Meanwhile, in downtown Los Angeles last night. . .
Biden says a 'psychologist or psychiatrist' should accompany police officers on 911 calls
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden suggested that police officers be accompanied by a "psychologist or psychiatrist" during engagement with a potentially dangerous person, adding that "community policing" is the best strategy for calming the waters between civilians and law enforcement.
Media Smears Guns At Protests, But They Miss Something
I’ve said before that the media isn’t our friend. When it comes to the Second Amendment, it’s best to view the mainstream media and all those who try to emulate it as hostile to our goals.
Concealed carry permits rise despite clampdown from some states, report finds
A new report reveals that despite some states getting tougher on gun control, the number of Americans with permits to carry concealed firearms has spiked in recent years.
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