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Antifa and pro-police protestors clash in Seattle
An event was held in Green Lake Park in Seattle on Saturday to "Defend SPD and all Law Enforcement." Antifa, local agitators, and Black Lives Matter activists disrupted the peaceful pro-police rally. The Seattle Police Department kept their distance.
Trump Tweets 'Put Animals in Jail' Following Portland Riots
Some 200 protesters in Portland, Oregon, tore down the statues of Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln Sunday night in riots that had been billed as “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage” by organizers, The Oregonian reported.
Ultra-Orthodox COVID Protesters Descend on Journalist’s Home After Leader’s Arrest
Supporters of the political gadfly and Trump fan Heshy Tischler surrounded the Brooklyn home of a journalist Sunday night after Tischler was arrested for allegedly encouraging protesters to pursue the reporter while he covered an anti-lockdown event last week.
Portland protesters topple statues of Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln in ‘Day of Rage’; police declare riot
A group of protesters toppled statues of former presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln and shattered the entrance to the Oregon Historical Society in Portland’s South Park Blocks late Sunday before moving into other areas of downtown, smashing storefronts and engaging in other acts of destruction.
California Governor Forces Churches to Close — But Massive Street Riots after Lakers Win is Totally Acceptable — And Police Assaulted
Churches are not allowed to hold regular services in California.
Trump-hater — apparently a female — attacks truck during Vegas road rally for president. Then the Trump-hater pays for it — bigly.
It wasn't too long ago that Americans generally existed with a live-and-let-live mentality when it came to sociopolitical matters. You know — if one person didn't agree with another person's political candidate of choice, there might have been a heated discussion or two on rare occasions, but things for the most part didn't escalate from there.
UNC Asheville under shelter-in-place order after suspect reportedly issues threats if BLM mural not painted over: 'Stay away from campus today'
Officials at the University of North Carolina Asheville ordered the college's students and staff to shelter in place on Friday after an unidentified suspect reportedly made a direct threat to the community if a Black Lives Mater mural wasn't painted over.
Extradition Hearing Set for Teenager in Wisconsin Protest Shootings
The teenager accused of fatally shooting two protesters and wounding a third will face an Oct. 30 hearing on his possible extradition to Wisconsin, where the protests about race and justice took place, an Illinois judge ruled on Friday.
Why Has The St. Louis Prosecutor Suppressed The McCloskey Indictments?
Earlier this week a grand jury in St. Louis, Missouri returned indictments against attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey for unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering, but the public hasn’t been able to actually read the indictments for themselves because prosecutor Kim Gardner has suppressed the indictments, a move that several Missouri legal experts say is highly unusual.
Constitutional Carry Emerges As Issue In MT Governor’s Race
The state of Montana already allows for legal gun owners to carry concealed without a license outside of city and town limits across the state, but full-scale permitless carry has become a hot-button issue in the waning days of the gubernatorial campaign.
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