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Proposal to arm teachers moves forward in Florida Senate, despite opposition
A proposal to arm teachers advanced along party lines in the Florida Senate Tuesday, despite opposition from students and educators who say it won’t make schools safer and could put children in harm’s way.
New Zealand angst: Gun owners surrender 37 of 1.2 million firearms; Bookstores ban Jordan Peterson, not ‘Mein Kampf’
In the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings which left 50 people dead, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern encouraged the country’s gun owners to surrender their weapons.
Shooters Fled Second Mosque Attack As Good Guy With A Gun Returned Fire, Report Says
An attack on a New Zealand mosque was reportedly stopped on Friday when a good guy with a gun fired at the attacker[s] causing them to flee the scene, according to local media.
Parents Still Favor Armed Teachers In The Schools
A panel investigating the massacre at a Parkland, Florida high school earlier this year has recommended that certain trained, vetted teachers be allowed to carry firearms in school, a proposal supported by the Trump administration’s Federal Commission on School Safety. Parents of school-age children continue to think that's a good idea.
Trump’s safety panel recommends schools consider arming personnel
President Trump’s Federal Commission on School Safety, formed after a mass shooting at a Florida high school, recommended Tuesday that school systems consider arming personnel and advised against increasing the minimum age required for gun purchases.
Sheriff Richard Mack Speaks With InfoWars About Gun Rights
The media is giving round the clock coverage to the astroturf student marches demanding gun control with coverage every hour in every time zone at 10am. Sheriff Mack, CSPOA,org, explains what can be done locally to protect students USING our right to bear arms, regardless of what state or federal governments do to take away our rights.
Sheriff Richard Mack makes an appearance on NRAtv to discuss the second amendment
"Anybody is an idiot if they think gun control is going to keep those kids safe. That's absolutely absurd … there is only two alternatives, we can shoot back or we can be easier targets and of course the liberals and left wants us to be easier targets."
Sheriff Richard Mack Makes an Appearance on Judicial Watch TV
Sheriff Richard Mack makes an appearance with Judicial Watch and Emily Miller at CPAC to discuss the second amendment.
Sheriff Richard Mack on The Schilling Show
Sheriff Richard Mack for Congress (AZ-08) discusses why he is running for Congress, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and more on guns in schools.
Sheriff Richard Mack Calls for a Televised Round Table Discussion with the Outspoken Survivors of the Parkland Massacre Before the “March for Our Lives.”
A one hour uninterrupted, unedited, live, televised round table discussion with the outspoken survivors of the Parkland Massacre.
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