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Black woman to lead Louisville police in wake of Breonna Taylor killing
A Black woman will serve as the interim chief of the Louisville Metro Police Department – becoming the first to hold the position – as protests rock the city following the death of Breonna Taylor during a raid.
The Left Doesn’t Really Want To Abolish The Police. They Want To Be The Police
The left doesn’t want to abolish the police; they want to be the police. At heart, the radicals rioting and fighting with the police are cops — every last man, woman, and alternatively gendered individual of them. The disorder they create is meant to clear the way to establish a new order, in which they will be the enforcers. They don’t want to be left alone to do their thing. They want to force the rest of us to join their thing.
Atlanta ICE operation nets 77 'worst of the worst' offenders: report
At least 77 "worst of the worst" accused offenders were arrested during an operation by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Atlanta Field Office earlier this summer, according to a report on Thursday.
What Pro Athletes Should Tell Kids: Don’t Assault Women, And Don’t Fight Cops
Suppose you had never heard of Black Lives Matter. And suppose you were in downtown Washington D.C. and saw someone wearing a T-shirt with those three words written on it, standing on a platform and saying through a bullhorn, as a Black Lives Matter leader did Saturday night: “I’m at the point where I want to put these (expletive) cops in their graves. I’m at the point where I want to burn down the (expletive) White House.”
Georgia police arrest suspect accused of dragging deputy while fleeing traffic stop
Police in Georgia say they have captured a suspect accused of dragging a deputy with his car while fleeing a traffic stop.
Peaceful Protest: Black Lives Matter Activist from Indiana Charged with 19 Felonies for Attacking-Gassing Police – In San Diego
Draught was charged with 19 felonies including nine counts of using tear gas against a group of police officers.
Detroit sheriff deputy dies after being attacked by inmate
A Detroit sheriff deputy died after he was attacked by a 28-year-old inmate at the Wayne County jail late Wednesday.
FBI investigating report of 'guy in jetpack' flying 3,000 feet in air at LAX: 'Only in LA'
The FBI is investigating a report from airline pilots that a person was seen flying in a jetpack some 3,000 feet above Los Angeles International Airport Sunday evening.
Police Arrest Antifa Guy with Flamethrower Who Cried in Fetal Position When Caught
Some on the left and in media (forgive the redundancy) are fond of denying the involvement of Antifa folks being behind the BLM riot violence.
Ohio school district bans ‘thin blue line’ flags after football player carried one to honor coach
An Ohio school district is banning “thin blue line” flags after a high school football player carried one onto the field to honor local first responders, including a coach who is also a police officer.
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