Senator Josh Hawley Introduces ‘Back the Blue’ Bill in Honor of David Dorn

For his own part, Hawley demurred, noting on Twitter:
Hawley’s a fine constitutional/legal scholar and I expect I’d appreciate his jurisprudence but, personally (and as a Missourian), I’d rather keep him in the Senate for a while. The legislation he introduced yesterday is one of the reasons why.

As reported by KMOV:
The bill would amend the “Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968” to authorize $15 billion for the U.S. Attorney General to fund more officer hiring and salary increases for state and local law enforcement

The bill, which was named after a retired St. Louis Police Captain killed while protecting a store in St. Louis on June 2, would allow federal funds to be used to increase the number of officers and raise salaries up to 110% of the local median earnings. It would also exclude cities that defund their police.
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