Relax, Biden Won’t Be Able to Do Anything to Really Restrict Gun Ownership

Gun violence is an important issue, but Biden has already declared the coronavirus pandemic to be public enemy number one, and his clear priority when he takes office in January 2021. America has suffered an epidemic of mass shootings in recent years, but they have subsided during the Covid-19 pandemic, which closed schools and prevented people from gathering in large groups, providing fewer opportunities for mass shooters.

If no gun control measures are passed during the Biden presidency, the gun industry could enjoy the best of both worlds: sales fueled by the hysteria of a gun control policy that might never happen.

“It’s hard to see that Biden is going to be able to do anything that would restrict the public’s ability to buy all the guns they want, of whatever sort,” said [Duke University Sociologist Philip] Cook. “If they were genuinely concerned about what was going to happen under a Biden administration, they don’t need to be.”

– Aaron Smith in President-Elect Biden Brings A Boost To Gun Sales
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