Man survives being shot 9 times, only for his ex-wife to allegedly plan another murder-for-hire plot

On the morning of July 10, Li walked from his apartment to his car in Bellevue, Washington. Police say a masked assassin was waiting to ambush Li, and told an accomplice that he was "going to cap someone."

According to court documents, Li was shot in the back of the leg, causing him to fall to the ground. Li said he pulled himself behind the car door for cover from the gunfire. The masked gunman allegedly walked up to Li and opened fire.

Bullets pierced his arm, legs, torso, and hip. Despite being shot nine times and suffering shattered bones, the bullets miraculously missed major arteries and organs.

First responders needed three tourniquets to stop the bleeding, and he was taken to a Seattle hospital for surgery. Li spent a week in the hospital to recover from his injuries.
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