Man Arrested For Firing Shot While Chasing Rittenhouse

The man who fired that shot is now facing charges of his own, and Rittenhouse’s attorneys will almost certainly use the case to buttress their self-defense claims. Thirty-five-year-old Joshua Ziminski is facing a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct-use of a dangerous weapon, but Rittenhouse’s attorneys are likely to argue that Ziminski’s shot, fired from behind Rittenhouse, is evidence that Rittenhouse was in legitimate fear for his life when he shot and killed Rosenbaum.

His lawyers say Rittenhouse — who faces homicide charges — acted in self-defense in all three shootings. An 11-minute video his defense produced first highlighted Ziminski’s possible role in the events, but didn’t identify him by that name.

An hourlong analysis of different videos from that evening by Neil Kiernan, a Michigan-based blogger, posted Sept. 26, properly identified Ziminski and breaks down his presence near the gas station where Rittenhouse first fires his AR-15 rifle, killing Rosenbaum.
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