LA homeowner's fiery Halloween decorations spark calls to police, 911

  • Source: Fox News
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It’s not unusual to hear stories about people calling the police over somebody taking their Halloween decorations too far. Typically, however, these incidents revolve around displays that are too gory or offensive.

For one household in California, however, their neighbors were simply concerned that the house was burning down.
Carmen and Travis Long, two self-professed Halloween-lovers living in Los Angeles, created an elaborate Halloween display at their home, Fox 13 reports. The decorations include skeletons, pirate cannons and even a pretend fire seen through the house’s windows.

But while the attraction is drawing some crowds (which the Longs welcome), people have apparently been fooled by the fake fire and mistakenly believed the house was actually burning down. Multiple concerned residents have also reportedly called 911 to report the “fire.”
Source: Fox News
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