Illegal Border Crossings Are Back On The Rise After Hitting Three-Year Low

“Border Patrol agents caught 54,771 migrants crossing the U.S. border with Mexico last month and immediately expelled 48,327 of them, making it the busiest September at the border since 2006, according to figures released by the agency Wednesday,” WSJ said.

“Apprehensions along the border have been steadily increasing since hitting a three-year low in April of just over 16,000, the first full month after President Trump declared an emergency at the border in March, citing the coronavirus pandemic in authorizing border agents to quickly remove nearly every foreigner caught crossing into the U.S. without giving them the chance to ask for asylum,” the outlet continued.

Following a year of record-breaking border jumping, the Trump administration finally pressed Mexico to agree to measures designed to end the flood of migrants across the United States’ southern border. Mexico, under threat of tariffs, increased patrols along its own southern border, cutting off most Central American migration, and agreed to the Trump administration’s controversial “remain in Mexico” program, which specified that those individuals seeking asylum stay south of the U.S. border until their hearing.
Source: Daily Wire
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