Ex-Vegas police lieutenant on ambush of LA deputies: 'There is a war on cops'

  • Source: Fox News
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“This is a reality check for America,” said Sutton, who is also the founder of The Wounded Blue, a nonprofit organization that assists injured and disabled officers. “There is a war on cops. It truly exists, and the fact that this individual was so emboldened as to walk up to this patrol car and open fire and ambush these two deputies is a stark reminder of that fact.”

A manhunt was underway in California and the two sheriff’s deputies were “fighting for their lives” on Sunday after the deputies were shot in their patrol car around 7 p.m. Saturday by a suspect who “opened fire without warning or provocation,” authorities said.

A handful of anti-police protesters showed up at the hospital where the deputies were being treated, but later dispersed after some tense moments with authorities who were guarding the entrance, KABC reported.
Source: Fox News
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