Bojangles fires employees who allegedly pretended to spit in officer's order

  • Source: Fox News
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Jillian Wenderoth, an officer with the local Jacksonville police, claimed on Facebook that restaurant’s drive-thru workers were surprised to see a uniformed officer pull up to the window, at which point they began joking about spitting into her order.

“So tonight, I had the privilege of being judged and discriminated because of the uniform I wear,” she wrote in a post shared to Facebook on Thursday. “…As I pulled up to the pickup window one of the employees saw me and said “oh f---!”

Then proceeded to laugh with another employee. This same employee then drew spit in his mouth and made the motion to spit in the drinks he was making to hand me. He then laughed about it.”

She also claimed a manager stood by and watched the ordeal unfold, but later updated her post upon learning that the on-duty manager wasn’t present during the incident.
Source: Fox News
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