Big Money Candidates Lack in Substance

New finance reports show Montenegro has raised more than $232,000 over the past month. Lesko comes in second with about $197,000. The race, however, is far from over.

County election officials say 70 percent of the early ballot have not been returned. That’s an indication that many voters have yet to make up their minds.

“Money talks in politics so those candidates know how to raise money and they have big political friends with money,” Richard Mack, a former two-term sheriff in Graham County, said on Politics Unplugged. “I’m not a career politician and I'm not a mainstream politician; I'm a former Arizona sheriff.”

Trailing far behind the top-money-raiser, Mack has raised about $40,000 to wage his campaign. Despite that, he says he’s raising more cash and will have enough to fund a last-minute blitz before the Feb. 27 primary.

“Let’s go with the person who's most qualified, not the person who raises the most money,” he said.
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