After 2018's mass shooting, Santa Fe school officials will let some employees carry firearms at all times

After a gunman killed 10 people and wounded 13 others at Santa Fe High School in 2018, school district officials will allow some teachers to carry guns on campus — rather than keep them under lock and key.

Santa Fe ISD officials announced their plans Friday to implement Texas’ so-called Guardian Plan, which lets local school boards authorize specific employees to carry on campus at all times and determine their training standards.

That is different from the school marshal program that Gov. Greg Abbott has endorsed and that state lawmakers expanded last year. The expansion of that program — which lets local school boards authorize employees to carry handguns on campus if they are specially trained and licensed by the state — came after legislators spent the entire session debating how best to prevent another school shooting like the one at Santa Fe.

School board President Rusty Norman told The Texas Tribune the district ultimately chose the Guardian Plan over the school marshal program because it allows employees to carry firearms on their person rather than in a lockbox.
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