11-Year Old Faced Criminal Charges For BB Gun In Bedroom

WDSU-TV in Baton Rouge reports that, with the help of attorney Chelsea Cusimano (who’s also representing Harrison and his family in litigation against the Jefferson Parish schools), another elementary school student who was facing serious consequences after a teacher spotted a BB gun during an online class session has now been cleared of all charges and can return to school.

According to a school incident report reviewed by WDSU, the East Baton Rouge Parish School System reported 11-year-old Rondell Coleman to the Sheriff’s Department Sept. 18 when a gun was seen in his bedroom during a virtual class. The incident report said Rondell “was brandishing a gun on camera.” According to the report, the deputy went to the child’s home, was allowed inside and brought a BB gun back to the school. “It (the BB gun) was confiscated and Rondell was charged,” the report says.

Evette Coleman said her grandson was traumatized. “This is a BB gun,” Coleman said. “You’re going to come and read a kid rights because he has a BB gun?”
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