About Arm the Teachers

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

From the time the gunman is spotted, the first shot is fired, and the 911 call is made, it will take five minutes for the police to arrive.

A lot of murders can take place in that short amount of time.

Until the police arrive on the scene, students are helplessly lined up or packed into a corner like sitting ducks. When that urgent 911 call is made, panic-stricken teachers are begging for someone with a gun to come save them.

Right now, most schools forbid teachers, by law, from carrying a firearm on school premises.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to allow a teacher or school resource officer to PREVENT those five minutes of carnage?

That’s the idea behind the Arm the Teachers project. It is all too easy for a criminal to walk into any school with a gun and wreak havoc on defenseless people, and he knows that, for at least five minutes, he’ll be able to get away with it since no one can shoot back. Fear has no place in our schools, so why make it illegal for a qualified officer, or a well-trained teacher with a concealed carry permit, to protect their students?

By introducing the Arm the Teachers initiative, we can provide far more effective security for our schools and save lives.

We have the support of the public already, and urgent action must be taken with children’s lives at stake.

The far-left will tell you that restricting or banning gun ownership entirely will be more effective in reducing school shootings, but if criminals were concerned about legality, school shootings wouldn’t be a problem in the first place.

Arm the Teachers is gaining traction all across America, as more districts are allowing teachers, as well as other individuals, with concealed carry permits, to carry on campus, but until we are free, we will never be safe.

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